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17-Oct-2022 | 15:13:02


Except for Europe and America, the presence of cricket in the rest of continents and subcontinents is overwhelming. In India, it is considered a religion, a sport that binds everyone with its exciting features. No wonder then when it comes to betting, this sport is considered number one choice of punters. If nail biting finishes excites a regular follower of cricket, bettors are tuned on by the betting options it offers.

The concept of more the merrier doesn’t apply to cricket -

Because cricket is a group sport which involves not just multiple players but also multiple teams from across the world, the betting options are mindboggling. However, it also means wagers should be wary of this broad range of exiting variations.

Follow the below mentioned guide for best cricket betting odds and also for getting the most out of your bets -

  • Remember, cricket is a dynamic game where several events occur at the same time. Batsmen keep on hitting sixes; bowlers keep on taking wickets, while catches and stumping are rampant. In such a scenario wager according to your skills and pitch analysis and not because a friend offered a tip or because of the past record.
  • Compare the betting odds. The favourite "Winning" team will always offer lower odds. For example, if India is the favourite team then the odds would look something like; 1.50 against the less favourite team; 2.00. In simple language, for every rupee wagered on India the bettor will fetch one rupee fifty paise in case it wins. On the other hand, if the weaker team wins, the bettor will fetch two rupees for every rupee.
  • As mentioned above, the game of cricket is ever-changing within the same event and therefore the odds too change a great. If a particular team, batsman or a bowler is performing well the odds will drop. Exploit this opportunity to spread out your risk or neutralize your losses.
  • Another way to maximize your bets / returns is to bet on underdog. Now this is extremely risky. However, if you have the skills, an analytical mind and certain inner knowledge, then make use of it. Underdog winner can provide a fortune. However, and as mentioned earlier this is a tricky option and should be exploited only if you have the required qualifications and skills.
  • Yet another way of fetching best cricket betting odds is to refer the SportsBook / Exchange tips. Go a step further and scan some of the forums. It will give you an idea of how the teams are placed in the "Favourites" hierarchy. Consult professional punters. Discuss probabilities with some of the old timers. Even a small piece of information can change your fortunes.
Conclusion -

Cricket is a unique sport, involving hundreds of players and a dozen teams, especially in events such as Indian Premier League and World Cup. It provides a perfect opportunity to make some money on the side. It can also be exploited for that added / extra thrill. Nonetheless, professional punters and rookies need to stick to the fundamentals and keep emotions aside. The latter can lead to losses. On the other hand, following the above tips can definitely increase your chances of getting the most out of your bets.